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As an AWUNZ member you are eligible for comprehensive Insurance Cover.


Our Insurance specialist facilitates Group rates for Life Interruption Cover through New Zealand insurance company Partners Life. The approach is to represent employees and provide a blue collar lump sum trauma product with satisfactory cover for manual workers. TMF’s brief for the product was that Life Interruption should be –

  • Broad in coverage

  • Allow for multiple claims on the same injuries

  • The premium to remain consistent and not vulnerable to significant premium increases.

  • A simple claims process.

  • Pre existing conditions covered.

  • Over and above any ACC payments.

  • Provide workers with cover that they are unable to get in the retail market, because of the risks involved in their occupations.

  • Cover day to day injuries which will take the employee away from work for a period of time.

  • 24/7 cover not just cover while at work.

New Zealanders are infamous for lack of savings, companies who have this plan in place for employees, offer a solution which assists financially to get them through tough times.

For more details please email:

Professional Indemnity, Statutory Liability & General Liability Cover
St John Group Insurance Cover
STJ rondel

AWUNZ and NZAA have sourced a comprehensive insurance cover for Paramedics and Intensive Care Paramedics in view of the regulation changes affecting your professions from early December 2020.

An extensive search was made nationally and internationally to source the most appropriate insurance cover to meet the needs of your profession.

A group plan for St John and Wellington Free Ambulance members has enabled AWUNZ and NZAA to offer this MUCH needed cover directly to you through the union.

For more details and application information please email:

Ambulance cover
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