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AWUNZ has a proud history of serving the trades, particularly Boilermakers, Welders and Plumbers in the Southern part of the Company.


More recently we have maintained membership in trades maintenance and specialised workshops; and trades associated with infrastructure. Construction is a sector that with the exception of concrete, AWUNZ has had a low profile pretty much since the Clyde Dam Construction.  There is no doubt that with the level of contracting subcontracting and project by project the industry has lost its attraction and with the present boom and the reconstruction of Christchurch the Country has become foreign worker dependant.


We are picking up comment that the contracting out, subcontracting model is being reviewed and some Companies have indicated to us that direct hire may be the better policy to better control costs and retain skilled staff.


AWUNZ was built on the construction of New Zealand with labourers, concrete workers, scaffolder riggers, etc, and we maintain contracts within these sectors.


Given the collapse of the NZ Workers and Carpenters Union, AWUNZ remains the only legitimate option for workers in the sector.

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